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DISH Network is Your Single Source
DISH Network is your single source for the finest in satellite television entertainment. You get state-of-the-art equipment, a large selection of programming at very reasonable rates and a responsive, highly professional Customer Service Group, all from a single company with a long history of quality and reliability in satellite television.


The Company Offering The Most Advanced Equipment At The Lowest Prices
DISH Network is fast becoming known as the company offering the most advanced equipment at the lowest prices in the industry. And our programming stands out as giving customers more of their favorite choices for less money than cable or our competitors. Fact is, most consumers will save so much over cable for comparable programming, they'll pay for their system in a year or less. After that, they just plain save and save and save.


The Finest Picture And Sound Available
With our superb digital signal, the picture is crisp and crystal clear. Sound is also digital with quality reproduction normally only found on CDs. In short, DISH Network gives you the finest picture and sound available today!

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