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Chana Masala

A terrific choice when making
Punjabi Chhole (Kabuli Chana).

Chunky Chat.gif (7474 bytes)

Chunky Chat Masala

A great seasoning.  Use as a
garnish to spice up any dish.

Garam Masala.gif (7269 bytes)

Garam Masala

A very aromatic seasoning that is a must have in all Indian Kitchens.  It can be used in a wide variety of vegetarian and meat dishes..

Kitchen King.gif (7353 bytes)

Kitchen King

An all-purpose seasoning.  Use it
to spice up any dish.

Amchur.gif (7343 bytes)

Amchur Powder

Used as a flavoring agent in Curries, Soups, Chutneys, Marinades, and as a condiment. Can be used as a souring agent like Tamarind..

Chicken.gif (7640 bytes)

Chicken Masala

Very flavorful in Chicken Curry and other chicken dishes.

Pani Puri.gif (7111 bytes)

Pani Puri Masala

The zesty ingredient in Pani Puri (Gol Gappas).  It provides the zing in your creations.  Pani
Puris are one of India's most popular snacks.

Meat.gif (7425 bytes)

Meat Masala

This masala is the ideal choice for all your non-vegetarian dishes.  It will bring meat entrees, gravies, soups, and stews to life.

Chutney Podina.gif (7225 bytes) Chutney Podina Tandoori.gif (7564 bytes) Tandoori Barbaque Masala
Biryani Pulao.gif (7963 bytes) Biryani Pulao Masala Fish Curry.gif (7802 bytes) Fish Curry Masala
Anardhana.gif (7305 bytes)

Anardhana Powder

Ground Powder from Pomegranate seeds.  It serves as a garnish and a tangy way to spice up some dishes just right..

Kashmiri Mirch.gif (7257 bytes) Kashmiri Mirch
Pav Bhaji.gif (7916 bytes) Pav Bhaji Masala MDH Pakora.gif (7694 bytes) Pakora Masala
Jeera Sip.gif (6975 bytes) Jeera Sip Dahivada Raita.gif (7144 bytes) Dahivada Raita Masala
Rajmah.gif (7581 bytes) Rajmah Masala Sambar.gif (7600 bytes)

Sambar Masala

A South Indian dish that is now cooked in almost every Indian home.  It is a vegetable curry that is often served for breakfast with Idlis, Dosas, and Rice.peppers

Deggi Mirch.gif (6779 bytes) Deggi Mirch Dal Masala.gif (7990 bytes) Dal Masala
Kasoori Methi.gif (6945 bytes) Kasoori Methi T-Plus.gif (7171 bytes) T-Plus
Henna Powder.gif (7239 bytes) Henna Powder Havan Samagri.gif (7537 bytes) Havan Samagri

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