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Line of Products

S p i c e s



Chilli Powder Reshampatti

Chilli Powder Extra Hot

Chilli Powder (Grade A)

Haldi (Grade A)

Garam Masala (Grade A)

Corriander Powder (Dhania Powder)

Cumin Powder (Jeera Powder)

Tandoori Masala

Chicken Masala

Chat Masala

R i c e

Natraj Basmati Rice

817 Basmati Rice

Super Sadhu Basmati Rice

Tilda Basmati Rice

Pari Basmati Rice

Zebra Pakistani Basmati
Tiger Brand Jasmine Rice 20 lb E.L.G. Rice 25 lb

D a l s

Toor Dal Oily Madhi Toor Dal Oily
Toor Dal Kohri Madhi Toor Dal Kohri
Chana Dal (India A) Chana Dal (Australian)
Moong Wash Moong Whole
Moong Split Urid Wash
Urid Whole Urid Split
Masoor Whole Masoor Split
Kala Chana (India A) Kala Chana (Aust)
Kabuli Chana (India A) Kabuli Chana (Turkey)

A t t a  /  F l o u r

Taj No. 1 Atta (22 lb) Meera Atta (22 lb)
Golden Temple Atta  (22 lb) Golden Temple (10 lb)
Mr. Manish Besan (Best Quality)

Meera Besan

Natco Besan Nirav Besan
Meera Flours (Full Range) Jalpur Flours (Full Range)
Rice Flour Suji
Samo Rajagro Powder

O i l s

Parachute Coconut Hair Oil (All sizes)

Ram Tirth Brahmi Oil

Almond Oil (Various sizes)

Mustard Oil (Various sizes)

KTC Amla Hair Oil

KTC Jasmine Oil

KTC Raat Ki Rani Hair Oil

Castor Oil

D r y   F r u i t s

Almonds (Supreme California) Green Pistachios
Cashews Whole (India A) Cashews Whole (Brazil)
Cashews Split (India A) Cashews Split (Brazil)
Golden Raisins Black Raisins

C a n n e d   G o o d s

Mr. Manish Mango Pulp Mr. Manish Kesar Mango Pulp
Ratna Mango Pulp Ratna Mango Slices
Vafa Mango Pulp Vafa Kesar Mango Pulp

Ashoka Canned Vegetables

Vafa Canned Vegetables (Full Range)
Chick Peas Lychees
Green JackFruit Chikoo (Sapota)

M i s c e l l a n e o u s

Dosai.gif (6128 bytes) Gulab Jamun.gif (6570 bytes) Idli.gif (6216 bytes) Jilebi.gif (7126 bytes) Dhokla.gif (6783 bytes) Gits Instant Mixes (All Varieties)
Mr. Manish Agarbati (Supreme Flavors) Agarbati (Various brands)

We carry a huge assortment of spices so that you can stock your kitchen with these flavorful seasonings..  We have everything from piping hot Chili powder and Haldi  (Turmeric) to zesty Garam Masala, Ginger Powder, Garlic Powder, and other masalas that can enhance your cooking experience.

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